The Great Sand Dunes...
Beautiful, Strange and Unusual

The amazing beauty of the Great Sand Dunes makes you forget that the area also has a long, and mysterious history of strange and unusual phenomenon. From ghosts to dancing balls of unexplainable light and energy, lovers of paranormal and extraterrestrial explorers have chronicled countless tales and experiences.

Among some of the best known are:

Mysterious Waters of the Dunes
Water is at once scarce and abundant, and in the midst of this paradox is the absolute epitome of aridity: the drifting, towering heaps of sand that comprise the Great Sand Dunes. Their very existence depends upon water, and yet they seem the ultimate representation of a desert.
Michael Geary, researcher

UFOs and the Mysterious Valley
Are you looking for something different and unusual for your next outdoor getaway? Do you feel like an X-File-type adventure where you become the super sleuth investigating a secret conspiracy?

You might remember the region first gained national attention in the 1970s with a rash of cattle mutilations reports that still continue today. At one time the subject of a federal investigation, the strange and horrible incidents remain a mystery. But there are other strange stories that have circulated around campfires about strange lights in the night sky, mass sightings of UFOs in the region; strange reports of invisible hovercraft and a constant barrage of black helicopter fly-overs.

Bigfoot, The Devil, UFOs, The Woman in Red...
Christopher O'brien is the "man in the know."

Christopher O'Brien lives in and has personally investigated and researched the San Luis Valley for years. His book, "The Mysterious Valley," St. Martins Press, is the "Bible" of strange and unusual activites in the San Luis Valley.

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